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Enhancing the Lives We Touch

Helping Others Work From Home, Create A Healthier & Safer Home!

Tricia Suko
13 August
I'm a mom of 2 beautiful kiddos. I work outside my home full-time, but am working part-time from home. It's my goal to be able to work from home fulltime. I love the company I work with on my part-time job! I love it so much I try to share it with everyone I meet!
I have Behcet's Syndrome. I was diagnosed November 2001.
Married my high school sweetheart May 14, 2005.
I'm a military brat, a child of 2 cancer patients - 1 is a survivor. God Bless you, Dad, I know you aren't in pain anymore. My parents have always been my heroes. My mom especially.